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Solar energy in Ceará

Solar energy in Ceará has been gaining ground. According to the National Electric Energy Agency (Aneel), between 2019 and 2020 the number of solar energy installations in the state grew by more than 130%. In addition, last year Ceará was the second largest producer of solar energy in the country, behind only Piauí. This is according to the Brazilian Association of Solar Energy (ABSOLAR).

Also according to Aneel, Ceará is first in the production of distributed solar energy in the Northeast. The state has 1,383 units, which clearly demonstrates that the people of Ceará are eagerly adopting this source of electricity.

With excellent weather conditions for the application of solar panels, the well known “Land of Light” presents one of the most attractive clean energy markets in the country. This is thanks to its geographical location being close to the equator, which allows greater incidence of sunlight. But in addition to the Sun, the constant winds of the region, which can reach 40km/h at certain times of the year, help produce wind energy too, contributing to the output of clean energy.

Now that you know a little more about the solar energy market, see how it works and the advantages of this system.

How does the solar energy system work?

Photovoltaic modules, also known as solar panels, are responsible for transforming Ceará’s sunlight into electrical energy. This process is called the photovoltaic effect.

As one module alone is not enough to supply the power necessary to run a building, each project requires an adequate amount, which is calculated according to the electrical consumption of the place.

  • After installation, the set of modules form the solar panel of the system, which is usually placed on the roof, where you find the highest level of sunlight.

  • Panel operation is automatic and continuous. That is to say, the light that hits its surface is automatically transformed into an electric current.

  • This energy is then sent to the photovoltaic inverter, which adapts the panel’s energy to the standards of our electrical network. And it’s ready to go! The energy is now ready to be used and is of course, accessed through the outlets of the property.

The energy that is not used needs to be stored or redirected for the consumption of others. This is why photovoltaic systems are connected to a distribution network.

A energia solar no Ceará

Advantages of solar energy

Let’s take a look at the main advantages of investing in solar energy in Ceará:

Expenditure cuts

Economizing is the main factor for the adoption of solar energy. After all, it reduces the value of energy bills by up to 95%. Electricity bills, however, cannot be zero. This is because there is a minimum amount charged by distributors for all consumers. This fee is provided for by law and is used to pay for repairs and maintenance of the electrical network.

Free from price increases

In addition to saving on the energy bill, those who use solar are also free from readjustments. It also reduces the impact of high tariff times, as they only affect the energy consumed directly from the grid.


A solar system generates 100% clean energy, producing zero emission of CO² or any other pollutant. According to data from the Brazilian Photovoltaic Solar Energy Association (ABSOLAR), each property that uses solar energy stops emitting, on average, 130 kg of CO² per year.

Long service life

A solar panel is capable of producing energy for at least 25 years. Furthermore, the efficiency loss of the modules is only 20% during this period. That is, after 25 years of operation, a solar energy system will still be able to generate at least 80% of its original capacity.

Property valuation

If it were possible to choose between a common property and one that generates its own electricity, which would you choose? All things being equal, you would certainly choose the house that produces its own energy. So, solar energy is an investment, because even if you need to move, you will still see a return on the investment.

Low maintenance

A solar panels require very little maintenance. Just twice a year is enough to keep it optimized and in good working order.


Photovoltaic modules are exposed to different weather conditions. For this reason, they are manufactured in accordance with international safety standards. The glass used, for example, can easily withstand the impact of large hail balls.

When you take a good look at the data, it is easy to see the huge potential of the Ceará solar energy market.

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