Cuisine from the coast of Ceará: discover 4 typical dishes

There is a huge diversity of beaches along the 573 km of Ceará’s coast, and that should tell you a lot about the region. With natural landscapes, culture and customs, Ceará is not lacking in terms of cuisine, in fact, it’s quite the opposite. All along the coast, it is possible to try local dishes […]

Pratinho: a tradition of Ceará cuisine

Pratinho: tradição da culinária cearense

Anyone who has visited Ceará or lives in the region, has certainly seen a stall selling this famous dish. It is especially common around the time of São João, which is a yearly festival in the month of June. But what is it? Continue reading and discover more about this delicious typical food from Ceará! […]

Faith in Ceará: 5 religious destinations in Ceará

Fé cearense destinos religiosos no Ceará - Beach Lands Brazil

Faith plays a large role in the life and culture of the Ceará population. This connects several festivities to specific locations, leading many to pilgrimage to religious destinations in Ceará. Two of the main destinations are Canindé and Juazeiro do Norte. The faithful visit these places to strengthen their faith, thank for miracles and relieve […]

The festival of Juninas in the Northeast: Culture and Tradition

Festas juninas no nordeste cultura e tradição - Beach Lands Brazil

The parties of Juninas in the Northeast have a cultural and economic importance to the region. The festivities, that honor St. John, St. Antônio and St. Peter, are quite traditional and popular, thanks to their cheerful and vibrant energy. It is an energy that reaches even those who are not much into partying. Read on […]