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Cuisine from the coast of Ceará: discover 4 typical dishes

There is a huge diversity of beaches along the 573 km of Ceará’s coast, and that should tell you a lot about the region. With natural landscapes, culture and customs, Ceará is not lacking in terms of cuisine, in fact, it’s quite the opposite. All along the coast, it is possible to try local dishes and spices throughout the region.

Read on and check out the three most popular and well known dishes on the coast of Ceará!

Fish stew of Ceará

Fish stew of Ceará

Ceará uses a variety of seafood and fish as ingredients in its dishes. “Peixada Cearense”, a commonly found food of the region, is a fish stew served with a kind of flour paste made with the fish stock, that is to dye for! It is such an important dish to the region, that it is present in practically every restaurant, from the simplest to the most expensive.

Ceará typical dishes – Moqueca

Ceará typical dishes - Moqueca

Moqueca is a variation of the fish stew, often made with stingray. It’s another delicious dish of the region, and you can find it in most beachside restaurants. Again, it is a “must try” to add to your list!

Loteamento Fazenda Imperial Sol Poente


Crab stew


Ceará typical dishes - Crab
The preparation of this wonderful crab stew, or caranguejada as it is known locally, consists of boiling crabs in water that is seasoned with onion, coriander, olive oil, salt and pepper. Although this dish is a little more work than usual, as it is served with a hammer that helps break open the crab so you can remove the meat, there are many people who are prepared to put in the work, as there is nothing else quite like it! The crab is in fact from the mangroves that grow along the coastline of the state.

Ceará typical dishes – Lobster

Ceará typical dishes - Lobster

Ceará is the largest Brazilian producer of lobster, a food that is recognized worldwide.

The dish “Lagosta à Thermidor” is made with lobster meat cooked in a rich wine sauce, stuffed into a lobster shell and browned. The sauce is a mixture of egg yolk with brandy, served with a golden cheese crust. It’s a food widely served in restaurants in Fortaleza, and is well worth a tasting.

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