Both feet in the sand: sports to enjoy on the beach

Esportes para praticar na praia - Beach Lands Brazil

How about discovering some sports to practice on the beach with your feet in the sand? There are many benefits for your physical and mental health. After all, sun, fresh air, friends and exercise are extremely positive for well-being. Next, check out these fun sports! Sports to enjoy on the beach – Beach soccer You’ll […]

Water sports for fun and stress relief

Esportes náuticos para se divertir e aliviar o estresse - Beach Lands Brazil - Destacada

Of course, we all know that physical exercise is fundamental to health and well being. But have you ever thought about taking care of your body with fun and excitement? As well as being thrilling at times, water sports are a great way to exercise and to be in contact with nature at the same […]

The health benefits of the beach

Os benefícios da praia para o bem-estar - Blog Beach Lands Brazil

The beach provides many health benefits to help improve well-being. Sitting in the shade with the sunshine glistening off the cool sea, and the gentle sound of waves. Can you think of a better way to de-stress? Read on to learn about some of the benefits that the beach can offer. The calming blue of […]