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Water sports for fun and stress relief

Of course, we all know that physical exercise is fundamental to health and well being. But have you ever thought about taking care of your body with fun and excitement? As well as being thrilling at times, water sports are a great way to exercise and to be in contact with nature at the same time. In this post, you will get to know some of the great water sports Ceará has to offer. Read on and learn how to relieve stress and have fun at the same time!

Stand up paddle

Beach Lands Brazil - Stand up padlle

Also known as SUP, Stand up paddle has gained a great following in Brazil. This is especially thanks to its accessibility as it is not necessary to have experience to get started and even children can have fun doing it. It’s a simple sport to begin with, where the stand up paddler stands on the board and uses a paddle to move through the water.

It is very inclusive and can be practiced by the whole family. The sport can get more difficult however, and some practice it in the surf, using the waves just as a surfer does. But, this of course requires a high level of skill!


Beach Lands Brazil - Windsurf

The term windsurf of course refers to the fact the windsurfer is basically standing on a surfboard with a sail, that is moved along by the wind. The benefits of practicing windsurf are a great cardiovascular workout, and also improvement in balance and core strength which is very important for the sport.


Beach Lands Brazil - Kitesurf

The excitement and freedom of kitesurfing are second to none. Practiced by standing on a board, and with a kite that is attached to the athlete’s waist, the wind propels the kite, causing the board to glide over the water. The kitesurfer has a control bar to steer the kite and set the course. One can perform radical maneuvers, but can also simply cruise over smooth seas, rivers and lakes. Although many think this sport takes a great deal of strength, that is not true at all. Technique and gentle maneuvering of the kite are the key to this sport.


Beach Lands Brazil - Wakeboard

In this sport, the wakeboarder uses a board on his feet that is more like a large tray than a surfboard, and is pulled by a rope attached to a boat. The reason it is called wakeboarding is because maneuvers are performed by jumping off of the wake created by the boat. This is a great sport for those who like adrenaline, is great for core strength and balance and is wonderful as a stress relief!


Beach Lands Brazil - Wakeskate

This sport is similar to wakeboarding as the wakeskater is pulled by a rope whilst standing on a board. The big difference however, is that the board is not attached to the feet, resembling something much like a skateboard. As a result, in addition to the rotation maneuvers with the body, it is possible to rotate the board under your feet. Wakeskating improves motor coordination, core strength and balance.

As you can see, water sports are an incredibly good work out, with many benefits, as well as providing a unique interaction with nature.

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