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Both feet in the sand: sports to enjoy on the beach

How about discovering some sports to practice on the beach with your feet in the sand? There are many benefits for your physical and mental health. After all, sun, fresh air, friends and exercise are extremely positive for well-being. Next, check out these fun sports!

Sports to enjoy on the beach – Beach soccer

You’ll see this being played on every beach in Brazil. In beach soccer, as it is in indoor football, each team has 5 players including the goalkeeper. As a football doesn’t roll particularly well in the sand, the games, for the most part, take place in the air.


Frescobol is a sport created in Brazil. It is basically bat and ball and is played with a wooden racket and rubber ball. The players hit the ball to each other, without letting it fall to the ground. There is no scoring, the only objective is to keep the ball in the air.

Beach volleyball

Beach volleyball is a very common sport in Brazil and emerged from traditional indoor volleyball. However, unlike classic volleyball, beach volleyball can be played with 2 or 4 players. However, just as in traditional volleyball, the objective is to return the ball to the opponent’s field without letting it fall, with a maximum of 3 touches.

Sports to enjoy on the beach

Beach tennis

Beach Tennis is similar to traditional tennis, however, of course the ball cannot touch the ground. The objective of each player is simply to return the ball to the opponent’s field in just one hit. This sport can be played as singles or doubles.

Running and hiking

Running or walking on the beach are great to keep in shape. And as well as staying fit, you can breath in the freshest air straight from the sea, see the beautiful landscapes and feel the cool breeze. Put this all together and it truly is a revitalizing experience!

Sports to enjoy on the beach – Yoga

Delightful weather, wind and the gentle sound of waves breaking on the sand. There is no better place to practice yoga than by the sea. After all, the very purpose of yoga is to harmonize the body and mind through breathing techniques, postures and meditation. It is a relaxing practice that guarantees a great many physical and mental health benefits.


The sports we have spoken about here have great potential to promote weight loss as well as to help gain muscle. These sports strengthen ligaments and can increase cardiorespiratory capacity. As well as all these benefits, they are great allies in the fight against stress because they are enjoyable activities practiced in a beautiful environment.

So now that you know how beneficial beach sports can be.

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