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Jericoacoara: enjoy this Cearense paradise!

Traveling to Jericoacoara is a unique experience, with its dunes, beaches and enchanting lakes. You can have fun with a great many options for leisure, or just sit back and relax whilst admiring the lush landscapes.

Read on and learn more about this paradise of Ceará, as well as other great tourist attractions in the region that will make you want to hop on a plane to Jericoacoara tomorrow!

Where is Jericoacoara?

The municipality is located in the extreme north of Ceará, being an old fishing village that is approximately 300 km from Fortaleza.

It is possible to go by bus or hired tours if you are close to the region, such as in Fortaleza for example. By plane, it is possible to reach Jeri by disembarking at the airport in the neighboring city, Cruz. Currently, there are flights departing from Campinas and Guarulhos, in São Paulo; and Belo Horizonte, in Minas Gerais.

What to do in Jeri?

Not sure what to do once you get to the village? See below the main attractions in Jericoacoara to visit during your trip.

Lagoa do Paraíso


It is certainly the most sought after destination by tourists who go to Jericoacoara. Lagoa do Paraíso has the most beautiful color of any lake in the region. Its waters are crystal clear and calm and it is surrounded by sand dunes, making it seem like a calm quite beach. This is ideal for bathers and for those who want to relax by the water. In addition, the place has an amazing infrastructure with a top class restaurant with incredible food. So you can spend the day enjoying the tranquility of this extraordinary gift from nature.

Sunset Dune


Next to the village of Jericoacoara is a high dune that is very popular in the late afternoon to watch the sun setting into the sea, it is called Duna do Pôr do Sol. The view is quite exhilarating, making for an enriching experience.

Jericoacoara Beach


This is a beach that pleases all tastes. It is possible to relax, sunbathe and bathe in the waters, or practice sports such as kitesurfing, which you can do on the east side of the beach. You can even catch some great waves there, where it is especially good for longboarding.

Praia Malhada


Located on the right corner of Jericoacoara beach, on the opposite side of Duna Por do Sol, this is the place for those looking to relax. It is an empty and practically deserted beach, surrounded by rocks and is known for its exuberance and unique landscape. It is also where you will find decent waves for surfing.

Pedra Furada

Jericoacoara: como aproveitar esse paraíso cearense

Pedra Furada is a charming attraction that yields beautiful photos. The stone has a hole in the middle and resides on the edge of the sea. As the sun sets, it shines its light through the rock, making for a beautiful scene and an amazing opportunity for photography. A tip is to walk from Jeri to Pedra furada by the beach at low tide. The walk itself is beautiful, with quiet beaches and a beautiful landscape with different stones and rocks around.

A tour of the Mangroves


Be sure to take the Cavalo-Marinho (sea horse) Ecological Tour, included in the itineraries to the west side of the village. The scenery of the mangroves with crooked tree roots is quite different and very beautiful. Some small establishments in the region put swings and hammocks there for tourists to take pictures.

Church of Nossa Senhora do Rosário de Fátima


The Church of Nossa Senhora do Rosário de Fátima, built in 1945, is worth a visit for its architecture. The chapel was built with stones taken from Serrote and you can find masses being celebrated there every Sunday.

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