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The natural beauties of Ceará

Ceará offers many attractions for those who visit it. It is a roller coaster ride of emotions, whether on land, in the air or at sea. The sights to be found there will amaze without doubt.

You can find white dunes, cliffs of colored sand from which clear water gushes, green coconut groves, warm seas of ​​green and freshwater lakes by the sea. What more could you want?!

Discover some of Ceará’s natural beauties!

Serra da Ibiapaba, Tianguá

Natural Beauties - Beach Lands Brazil

Pure air, waterfalls, springs, astounding viewpoints, rich fauna, exuberant flora and adventure sports are the attractions that tourists find when visiting Serra da Ibiapaba. This is in addition to the legends, artistic manifestations, handicrafts, mills, ox carts and the wonderful peta, both sweet and savoury. Peta is a kind of dough that many delicious things are made from.

The main attraction of the region is the Ubajara National Park, which is located in the municipality that goes by the same name. There you will find the Ubajara Cave, which you can access through a trail that goes along a stream, or by cable car that lasts about three minutes and provides a beautiful, panoramic view of the park. However, if you don’t want to make the trek to see the cave, you can enjoy the park just the same as there are other beautiful trails, waterfalls and viewpoints to enjoy.


Costa Sol Poente

Natural pools - Beach Lands Brazil

The Costa do Sol Poente is a route though the northeast, that will give you a first hand immersion into all the beautiful coast of Ceará. It begins in the Metropolitan Region of Fortaleza, the capital of the state, and ends near the border of Ceará and Piauí.

It is a great opportunity for those who like to practice sports such as kitesurfing, windsurfing and surfing alike. Along this route, you will find beaches such as Praia de Jericoacoara and Mundaú, that are out of this world, and as you work your way up the coast, the sights become ever more  enchanting. Along the route, you will also find many places that sell handicrafts, and that have good infrastructure with good roads, hotels and restaurants.

Serra da Aratanha e Baturité

Beach Lands Brazil - Baturité

Just 100km from Fortaleza, you can find cooler weather. With temperatures that vary from around 17 to 22ºC, the region is ideal for lovers of nature. There you can find rivers and waterfalls, and participate in many activities, such as; fishing, canoeing, abseiling, hang gliding, hiking, horseback riding, cycling, among others.

Serra da Aratanha also offers accommodation and meals with their wonderful regional food and they even have some guides living on the property too show you around. One of the most visited local attractions is the Cachaça Museum, located in the city of Maranguape.


natural beauties

Cariri is a center of natural and cultural attractions that are of immense beauty and importance.

This Northeastern region has the charming nature of the Plateau of Araripe and is dedicated to Father Cicero, with their museums, mythological and paleontological sites and their social projects. They also have a very rich cuisine and many crafts.

Costa do Sol Nascente

Beach Lands Brazil - Natural Beauties

On the Costa do Sol Nascente (the coast of the rising sun), cliffs and dunes form some of the most beautiful beaches to be found on the coast of Ceará. Among them are Canoa Quebrada, Majorlândia, Lagoa do Mato and Quixaba. For those who enjoy shade and fresh water rivers, there is Morro Branco in Beberibe, and with a labyrinth of cliffs and mystical beaches of Ponta Grossa and Redonda in Icapuí.

The handcrafts and practice of surfing and kitesurfing are some of the attractions for anyone visiting the Costa do Sol Nascente.

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